5k volunteer

Volunteer Job Descriptions for GOTR 5K

1. Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Contact past and potential volunteers to check availability and determine what job they want.
  • Verify phone and email of volunteers.
  • Ensure new ones have background checks.
  • Check if they already have a GOTR volunteer shirt. If not, get T-shirt sizes.
  • Record all information on spreadsheet.
  • Assign everyone to jobs.
  • At 5k, set up area for them to sign in. Have job list available.
  • When they arrive, have them sign in and give T-shirt.
  • Direct them to their first job.

2. Signs and banners:

  • Place sign at entrance to stadium.
  • Attach banners at locations specified.
  • Attach sponsor signs on fences.
  • Place large sponsor sign in spectator stands.
  • Place registration, bathroom, spectator, and merchandise signs.

3. Course set up:

  • Set up finish line in the center of the field.
  • Set up pink and green flags.
  • Set up fencing on both sides of finish line.
  • Set up clock.
  • Set up water table at finish line.
  • Place orange cone at start line on the track mid stadium seating.
  • Place sign for the finish line at north end of track.
  • Place surveyor flags around the track on the soccer field.
  • Place bracelets that girls must collect for 6 times around at the entrance to field.

4. Balloons:

  • Blow them up with helium tank, tie off, and attach ribbon.
  • Place at registration, entrance to stadium, Happy Hair tablet, Selfie table, water table,water stop on course, merchandise table, finish line, on fences and along the spectator wall, and other places deemed appropriate.
  • Clean area of any trash and repack leftover items. Collect balloons and give to girls at the end of run.

5. Coach Liaisons and schools set up:

  • On the west side of the stadium, put up school signs on the fence. Take the coaches boxes to each school. Stand by until the start of the run to help each coach if they need something.
  • At the end of the run, collect all signs and clean up any trash.

6. Registration:

  • Registration is in the pavilion.
  • Have separate lines with signs for pre-registered run buddies, non-registered run buddies, pre-registered runners, and non-registered runners.
  • T-shirt people will have T-shirts divided into these categories so that all pre-registered runners get the correct size shirt.
  • Have one person stationed just inside stadium, before registration table to direct girls to their schools on the east side of the stadium and others to registration table. Spectators can be directed to the stands.
  • When run begins, clean up registration area.

7. T-shirt set up and distribution:

  • Arrange shirts by size. Ensure that pre-registered runners get their size.
  • Once 5k starts, you can take all of the leftover ones to merchandise sale table.

8. Happy Hair table:

  • Purchase needed supplies in advance.
  • Set up tent at the south goal post.
  • Set up tables and chairs.
  • Balloons should come from those blowing them up.
  • Arrange supplies.
  • Fix and paint girls’ hair.
  • Take photos which will be sent to GOTRI.
  • When the run begins, clean the area and repack items.

9. Selfie table:

  • Arrange props and help girls take photos

10. Merchandise and Cheer Gear table:

  • Set up at the entrance and in front of the seating area.
  • Arrange artfully.
  • Have signs indicating prices of items.
  • Note the amount you have to start.
  • Have money to make change.
  • Set up to take charge cards with square.
  • Give all proceeds to Debye or Karen.
  • Repack leftover items and clean the area.

11. Paramedic:

  • Set up your area and be prepared to treat minor injuries and heart attacks.
  • Give cell phone number to committee chairs.

12. Water set up and Water Distribution:

  • Set up water, cups, and trash bins on the southeast corner of the soccer field as noted on the map.
  • Keep many cups filled so runners do not have to wait for any.
  • Clean the area

13. Medal distribution:

  • Arrange medals on towel rack
  • Help principals put on girls when they cross finish line

14. Run Monitors:

  • Cheer on girls.
  • Position yourself on the course.
  • The girls must collect a total of 6 bracelets before heading to the finish line.

15. Clean up:

  • Collect all signs and banners.
  • Clean merchandise tables.
  • Collect all materials
  • Check bathrooms.
  • Ensure Stadium is left in pristine condition.